You just can’t afford to miss watching these new trailers

Recently, some of the most anticipated movie trailers were released. They include Wonder Woman 1984, Ghostbusters, The Witcher, and Antlers. If you don’t have time watching them, at least find some time to read a couple of words about the trailers. You will not regret it even for a second.

Wonder Woman 1984. The trailers has just been released a couple of days earlier. From it you can definitely see that the movie will be completely stylized for that year. You don’t understand the film after watching the trailer, but you do get a pretty nice vibe.

Ghostbusters. This is completely opposite than the previous movie. It gets very serious and looks like a complex and emotional story, and definitely has nothing similar to a light comedy.

The Witcher. It is going to be an epic film. And it will surprise everyone with the effects and will be visually amazing. And it will soon be out so people will be able to enjoy this film.

Antlers. The film is going to be a great horror movie. The trailer is very quiet and at the same time pretty creepy. And it will be aired in April.

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