Robocalls are getting worse

Almost every person receives programmed calls that are filled with spam and unneeded information. Some of the people even don’t pick up their phone when they see that somebody unknown is calling. It’s a huge failure in the tech field, and the reasons for this disadvantage are even more difficult than people may think.

The problem with the robocalls is not so easy to solve. Scientists are trying to make it disappear, and even some protocols have been created. Those protocols aim to protect the communication system against those tech calls. But the problem lies under the fact that they have some difficulties in telling the difference between a wire phone and robocalls because they are meant to be installed only on the new and improved IP mobile devices.

At the beginning of this year, all of the carriers have been taking also action.  But it is a very complicated problem that needs a lot more time to be solved completely. This problem is hidden behind the network. Phones got more exposed to attacks from the internet. As long as this won’t get solved, the robocalls won’t get solved either.

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