How to publish your online dating profile

When posting your profile, write fairly briefly and at the same time informative. Briefly describe your priorities, hobbies, interests, and etcetera. The photo should not be old, or bad quality. Choose one of the latter photos better, as close as possible to how you look now. You should not appear on it in a headdress and dark glasses. 

Publish your online dating profile correctly 

When posting your profile for dating online, you need to choose your search option correctly: 

•    Open your profile for specialized dating websites only

•    Place it on other platforms. 

If you decide to write to someone yourself – let your message not be impersonal. Write down why it was his or her profile that caught you, what you liked about it. It is better to not delay the process of communication and make an appointment offline to never kill the romance. Do not rush to give your personal phone number. If communication becomes burdensome for you at some point, it will be cheaper to get an inexpensive phone specifically for communication with potential applicants than to change all phone numbers later. Never delay the phone talking, because a lot can be clarified by a person’s voice. 

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