Get a full refund with Vudu if you didn’t like the film

Imagine that you got a movie from a rental service, watched it a couple of minutes and realized that you hate it and have no desire to continue watching it. Thanks to Vudu you will now be able to have a way out of this type of situations by returning the movie and even receiving a refund in order to get another movie. This feature can be found in the Walmart stores and it is called Rental Redo. The idea of it is that you have 30 minutes to think whether you wish to continue watching and finish the film or not. If you decide that you have no desire to continue watching it, you have the possibility to select the redo option, which will return you whole price for the rented film.

In order to not get abused, the company is giving each customer only 4 chances to do this for each month. And you will have only half an hour to do this. But it is still considered a pretty nice option to have. More on

This is not the only nice feature that the company has. Also, if after renting a film, you find out that other company has the same but for a smaller price, you can request a refund in the price difference and the company will give it to you.

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